Employee illness, property damage and bodily injury are just a few of the many risks that can threaten the financial health of your cleaning business if you’re not adequately insured. Cleaning insurance is designed to protect you from the negative effects these risks could cause, helping you to stay in business and remain profitable.

Who needs it?

Professions that commonly need cleaning insurance include:

What does it cost?

Your cleaning insurance cost will typically depend on the specific types of cleaning services you do. For example, a house cleaning business typically dusts, vacuums and mops, while a commercial cleaning business usually waxes floors, and cleans around large machinery. These variances expose each business to different levels of risk that’ll likely cause their rates to differ. Insurance companies generally consider your coverage needs, claims history, number of employees and other factors before providing you with a final rate.

Basic cleaning

General Liability: Some clients might require you have this common coverage before you can work for them. It can cover instances of bodily injury and property damage that happen while on the job.

Commercial Auto: Coverage for vehicles used to travel to jobsites and transport work supplies like towels, mops, buckets and cleaning products. We insure vehicles commonly used by cleaning businesses including cargo vans and cars.

Other coverages
you might need.

Business Owners Policy (BOP): Combines general liability coverage with protection for your commercial buildings and personal property into one package.

Workers’ Compensation: Coverage if your employees become injured or ill while at work.